Dr. Siamak Seddighzadeh founded the Medical International Group (MIG) in 1994 as a multinational company specializing in investment and operation of sophisticated, major medical diagnostic equipment. From inception, MIG has collaborated with reputable medical centers and universities in the U. S.  also established new relations and unprecedented expansion opportunities in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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MIG has set its precedence as a pioneer within the field of medical technology since its inception in year 1994 by introducing and operating the first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner into the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, with the collaboration of the Red Crescent Society’s Medical Centers in the region.

Subsequently, the Group arranged the first Regional MRI Awareness Conference in 1995, in an effort to introduce MR technology and its application to the medical communities of the Middle East and North Africa. The conference received the participation of several hundred physicians from the region, who came to learn from the top medical diagnostics physicians and scientists from the United States.

Within the next two years, MIG further cemented its legacy as a pioneer in the Middle East by deploying international Tele-Medicine and Tele-Radiology technology via internet. This was a keen, strategic move to bolster the diagnostic platform for its MRI operations, in order to access US specialists and medical centers for precise readings and MR image diagnoses. The new service provided patients with more trusted quality of care as well as eliminating the costly, long-distance travel for the second opinion and treatment abroad; henceforth, the Group achieved a significant competitive advantage within the region.

MIG has not only been a pioneer in the introduction of new and innovative medical technologies, but it has also been sought out for its expertise and expansion into international markets as well as its continued work within the spheres of innovation in the past two decades.

Imatron, Inc., the inventor and pioneer of Electron Beam Tomography (Ultra Fast CT Scanner/Heart Scan) and InVision Technologies, is among our list of clients who have benefitted from the Group’s international services.  Introducing their technologies to Southeast Asia and Far Eastern countries expanded their market opportunities greatly. Today, both companies are owned and operated by General Electric (GE) Security and Medical Systems and are publicly traded ventures.

In 2013, View Ray, Inc., inventor and manufacturer of the groundbreaking Cancer treatment technology system known as the MR Guided Radiation Therapy, appointed MIG as its exclusive Agent and Distributor for the expansion of its market in the Middle East and North Africa, covering a large geographic area within 14 countries. In less than a year, on May 2014, MIG successfully signed an agreement in collaboration with a tier-one US Cancer Center to place the First MR Guided Radiation Therapy in the United Arab Emirates.

In the past 20 years, MIG has created a widely accepted brand of trust and respect amongst its various stakeholders by consistently pioneering into new technologies and partnerships across geographic and cultural barriers.